Hearts Alive is a three-year Lectionary-Based Children’s Sunday School Curriculum.  Its engaging content, unique activities, and Gospel focus are incorporated to lead all hearts to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Hearts Alive provides liturgical congregations a highly-anticipated children’s curriculum that combines captivating content, lectionary alignment, and gospel focus for students ages 4-11. For those seeking to engage children in a fun, age-appropriate application to the Revised Common Lectionary, the authors of The Cross Walk children’s curriculum have formatted this three-year course of study to give children a strong overview of the story of salvation and how it ties to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Hearts Alive supports and elevates liturgical traditions and the church calendar while using clear, contemporary learning techniques to present the Word of God.

Hearts Alive Features:

  • Gospel-centered, emphasizing the story of salvation through Jesus Christ
  • Scriptural, systematically teaching the entire Bible following the Revised Common Lectionary
  • User-friendly, making it easy for teachers and Christian educators to implement
  • Fun and engaging for children through age-appropriate story-telling, crafts, and activities
  • Family-oriented, providing a take home paper and activities for parents to engage with their children on the content throughout the week
  • Children’s church lesson available in a large group format with a family oriented take home paper
  • Cost-effective for both small and large churches – available for quarterly purchase with cost based on the number of children being taught
  • Downloadable format that is easy to share with a whole team of Sunday school teachers

Heart Alive Sunday School Video

Hearts Alive Chldren's Church Video

Congregations searching for a compelling bridge to the lectionary readings in regular worship will find this curriculum to be a first-of-its-kind resource for teachers and families, reaching children on three learning levels—pre-K–K, lower elementary, and upper elementary—as well as a fourth unit for children’s large group worship settings. Each week’s lesson will incorporate hands-on activities, an actionable challenge, and a reproducible parent page for further interaction at home. Hearts Alive is designed to be adaptable for use in both large and small group settings, making it easy to adapt to churches’ current formats.

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