Companion Curriculum to The Crucified Life Series

Drawing Young Hearts to the Foot of the Cross

Sunday School doesn’t have to be boring! Nor does it need to be all “fluff.”

The Cross Walk is an exciting new Children’s Curriculum that combines games, crafts, and hands-on activities with solid Biblical teaching, Perfect for Sunday School or mid-week gatherings, this brand-new resource is designed for Grades K-5, large group or small group sessions. What makes The Cross Walk unique is its parallel to the themes the adults are exploring in The Crucified Life study series, making for a powerful entire-family teaching experience.

The Cross Walk contains 7 weekly sessions based on Jesus’ Seven Words from the Cross:

Session 1: Forgiveness
“God forgives me. I need to forgive others.”

Session 2: Salvation
“When I do something wrong, I should run back to God.”

Session 3: Relationship
“I can help take care of the family of God”

Session 4: Distress
“Jesus helps me thirst to do the right thing.”

Session 5: Abandonment
“God will never leave me or abandon me.”

Session 6: Reunion
“I can trust God, even in difficult times.”

Session 7: Triumph
“God helps me finish the race!”

The Cross Walk Children’s Curriculum includes:


  • Weekly Large Group time of engaging Bible lessons taught through stories, skits, and videos (Grades K-5)
  • Weekly Small Group time for follow-up activities and crafts (divided by Grades K-1, Grades 2-3, and Grades 4-5) to help the lessons “stick” to little hearts
  • Lively, engaging games that tie in to the Bible teachings
  • Uplifting worship songs with on-screen graphics downloadable from the website, including two original songs written for The Cross Walk
  • Original animated videos of Bible stories, narrated by children
  • “Cross Walk, All Week” handouts featuring Dinner Table Talk to help families apply the lessons together

The Cross Walk is available in two formats:

If you purchase the Print + Digital package, one copy of the full-color Leader’s Manual will be shipped to you, along with a flash drive containing all the multimedia, printable, and reproducible Resources. It also includes access to the online Resources page where individual files can be viewed and downloaded.


Order the Digital-Only package with PDF Leader’s Manual, downloadable videos, songs, weekly lessons, activity pages, and more! The Digital Package includes seven zip files, each containing the full resource kit for one session. It also includes access to the online Resources page where individual files can be viewed and downloaded.